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Slimming male hairstyle

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Everyone has their own characteristics, and each hairstyle has its own person. Today, I will talk to Xiaobian about what kind of hairstyles are suitable for the boys with high foreheads. Fashionable and handsome, the slimming hairstyle is of course the most important.

In the Korean style, Liu Hai perm hair style, the nuanced bangs can inadvertently modify the face shape, with a fluffy sense is also very fashionable and personality, very suitable for high-head boys, add more handsome to yourself.

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The short design of the two sides of the shovel makes this student's Bobo head more refreshing. The thick bangs on the Bobo head are also very slim and slim, slightly blocking the forehead, creating more youth for the boys. A sense of vitality.

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Fluffy brown short hair is very natural, white, natural, and a thick fluffy bangs is perfect for the face, bringing the beauty effect to the boys, looks more stylish and individual.

Boys who want more fashion sense can be paired with the previous hair band as a decoration. The bangs are randomly scattered on the hair band, making this short hair more stylish and handsome.

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A very short brown hair with a natural scent, a slightly fluffy sensation with the slightly longer bangs, is perfect for the perfection of the boy's face, it is very youthful and handsome.

This one is divided into bangs short hair style, fluffy mid-point Liu Haizheng perfectly embellishes the face shape, the fashionable hair color makes this short hair more handsome and individual, showing more fashion charm to the boys.

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